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4 Things that Might Surprise you about Breast Cancer

At Houston Female Urology, we take care of women and girls. That’s all. No men. So, naturally we are concerned about all women’s health concerns, especially breast cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and this is our message to you: GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM.

The American Cancer Society has done a great job with community education and publicity, so thankfully many women know the basics. You probably know that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. You also probably know that early detection is critical, and that means annual mammograms. You know all of this, but sometimes it’s just not enough encouragement to schedule that annual exam.

So we will say it again…GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM. Schedule the appointment and get it done.

Here are some things about breast cancer that might surprise you:

  1. 85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history.
  2. Monthly breast self-exams have not been shown to improve detection. The best plan is to just be aware of how your breasts look and feel. If you notice something different, call your doctor.
  3. Being overweight or obese — especially after menopause — may raise your risk.
  4. Breast cancer doesn’t always present itself as a lump. Other things to be concerned about are: swelling in and around your breast, collarbone or armpit; skin thickening or redness in or around your breast; breast warmth and itching; nipple changes or discharge.

At Houston Female Urology, we are so proud to help breast cancer survivors combat the vaginal and urological effects of treatment. Chemotherapy can lead to early-onset menopause or worsening symptoms in post-menopausal women. Things like overactive bladder, vaginal dryness and burning can be major problems for cancer survivors.

We can help with our in-office laser procedure known as MonaLisa Touch. It’s hormone-free, painless and quick. If your menopause symptoms are keeping you from enjoying life, call our office and schedule a consultation.

Cheers to a healthy you!
-Dr. P

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Should Women See Female Doctors?

Although there’s no definite study that would suggest either men or women are better doctors, a lot of women these days actually prefer seeing female doctors. Why? The answer is usually rooted in their ability to feel more secure and at ease around a member of the same gender, as well as in the heightened ability that women have to feel and express a higher does of empathy and genuine concern for their patients, especially when it comes to a caring urogynecologist.


The key issue here is not that women are better doctors or that they understand the female body to a greater extent – although the verdict is still out on that – but that they are able to instill a better sense of confidence into their patients. Women are generally able to relate, and most female patients, regardless of their age, will feel much closer and better able to relate to a female doctor than to a male one.

Another aspect that may point to the fact that female doctors are generally more suitable is that women are still regarded as somewhat inferior in some areas simply due to their gender. As a result, a young woman wanting to become a doctor might actually be working harder than her male counterparts when going through medical school.


Typically, despite these concerns, most experts will not advise patients to seek help from a doctor of any particular gender, unless they are qualified and skilled enough to offer viable assistance. If you feel more comfortable with a female doctor, however, then that is likely the best path for you individually.