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Why urologists are great surgeons

Every day, I am so grateful to be a urologist. Does that sound weird?! I’m sure it does! Why in the world would someone want to be in a field dealing with…you know what! But it is such a great field of surgery! We have lots of interesting and rewarding cases, and urologists are true professionals and usually genuinely nice people to be around. And you have to have a good sense of humor in this field!

Unless you work in surgery in some capacity, you probably have no idea what sort of training is involved in each surgical field. I don’t think I fully understood until I was a surgery intern. I just knew that I liked the idea of being able to “fix” someone’s problem and that it would take many years to get good at it. For urology it took 6 years, working 80-100+ hours per week.

The beauty of urology is that we start in General Surgery and rotate through everything from major trauma cases to belly cases to heart surgery. We get to see and help out with some major surgery. The adrenaline is really pumping when you have a patient crashing in the ER and you have to help stabilize them and rush them to the operating room!

When we then progress into our specialty of urology, we still have major cases and trauma but they are all focused on the urinary tract: Gunshot wounds to the kidneys, ruptured bladders from car accidents, machete wounds to the testicles, and even a penis that got caught in a machine and half the skin got pulled off. We can handle all of this.

Major cancers of the bladder and kidney require the urologist to have either specialized skills with the laparoscopic robotic instruments, or the courage to make a major incision in the flank or abdomen. We know how to make completely new bladders out of the intestines. These cases can take all day and require a laser-focus attention to detail as you progress through the countless steps of the surgery.

On the other hand, urologists do the most delicate surgeries of all, even down to microscopic surgery. In pediatric surgery, we repair birth defects on baby penises. In the field of infertility, we bring in powerful microscopes to do vasectomy reversals with sutures as fine as an eyelash.

Since we are dealing with pelvic organs, we have to be able to operate deep in the pelvis, often working by feel if the visibility isn’t good. We use scopes and lots of different tools to creatively remove tumors and stones. The technology is incredible and is always improving.

And believe it or not, there is an aesthetic aspect to urology. One of my colleagues would say after completing a well-done circumcision: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever!”

On top of all of that, urologists have to have the personality to help patients open up about very private things. That’s why successful urologists are often very friendly and funny!

I love the field of urology and my urological colleagues, and I want you to know that you can trust that your urologist, whether it is me or someone else, has had great surgical training to take good care of you!

To your health,
Dr. Christi

How to Stay Young

I recently read an excellent book that really resonated with me called The Longevity Diet by Valter Longo, PhD.     This diet is meant to not only help you lose weight but to extend your life and make it a healthy, vibrant life.   It is not another diet trend , but it is sustainable for the long-term.   Dr. Longo has done extensive research starting with small organisms and continuing the research through to human studies.  He has support at several levels of research that show that this is the way to eat and to extend your healthy life!

About 9 years ago, I felt extremely tired and unwell.   After I advised my patient that her recurrent bladder infections would never be under control until she got her diabetes under control, she took it to heart and changed her lifestyle.  She told me she read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell which is the most comprehensive nutrition study ever done and outlines why a vegan diet is the very best diet.   I read the book, was convinced by the research, tried out the vegan diet and found health through diet!  Thus began my interest in studying nutrition for health.

Of course we all want to feel healthy and maintain our health into old age.   Dr. Longo’s life work is to figure out the keys to stay healthy and live long.  The answer is nutrition which generates self-healing stem cells which then will regenerate and rejuvenate the body.   He has chapters on how this diet helps patients with cancer, diabetes, dementia, heart disease and inflammatory diseases.   You will not find another diet that has such great research and is sustainable for the long haul.  I do NOT recommend the ketogenic diet.  It is terrible for heart disease and not sustainable.   Also it causes kidney stones.

How to Stay Young by Dr. Longo:

  1. Eat a mostly vegan with some fish.   (I personally prefer not to eat fish, but get my protein from plants.)
  2. Consume low but sufficient protein.
  3. Minimize bad fats and sugars, and maximize good fats and complex carbs.
  4. Be nourished with healthy foods and, multivitamin and fish oil.
  5. Eat twice a day plus a snack, unless you are already at goal size.
  6. Time-restricted eating to 12 or less hours per day, for example from 8 AM to 8 PM only.
  7. Periodic prolonged fasting-mimicking diet.  Dr. Longo created a kit for this called Prolon which I can order for you.
  8. Aim for a waist circumference of 29.5 inches for women
  9. Exercise: walk fast one hour per day, Do weight training 2-3 times per week.

I highly recommend this book to you!   I have started recommending it to my patients who have recurrent urinary tract infections and chronic interstitial cystitis as a means to decrease inflammation.

To your health!

Dr. Christi


Looking back and looking forward

This is the four year anniversary of our beautiful little office!   We launched Houston Female Urology four years ago on 7/7/14.  I can hardly believe it.  So far we have over 5,100 patients in our practice!  We are very busy!  I cannot be more excited and grateful for the year that we have had and the year ahead!

In our fourth year we have continued to pursue the cutting edge of urology and urogynecology.   We added the new EMSella chair which is a simple and effective way to treat urinary incontinence and overactive bladder.  Patients are loving the EMSella!

I have pioneered the non-mesh robotic bladder lift.   The results have been as good as mesh.  While I still use and love the mesh repair, it is nice to be able to offer another option to patients who request it.   My robotic success rates remain in the 99% range with 0% conversion to open.

I’ve added platelet-rich plasma as an option to treat incontinence and orgasm dysfunction.  This is an exciting new form of regenerative medicine which is done right in the office.

We have launched a new website which has much more information on it to educate and inform.   It is really beautiful and user-friendly and can be found at   A little shorter website name!

I’ve started offering free monthly webinars to educate patients and they have been very well-received.   This has been a great way to get the word out about new procedures and have private seminars to answer patients’ questions confidentially.

We have a new Physician Assistant, Shannon Bernbaum, who graduated with top honors from medical school.  She is a great addition to the practice.

The best part:  My whole team remains committed to providing excellent and personalized medical care.   I am honored to work with an incredible group of women who are completely dedicated and professional!   Patients are consistently impressed with my staff and it makes me so happy!

Finally, I want to honor and thank God for allowing me to be a part of what He is doing to restore and renew women’s health.  I rest in His power and grace and know He has good plans always for us!

Cheers to a healthy you!
-Dr. Christi

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Platelet-Rich Plasma for bladder leakage and orgasm

Have you heard about platelet-rich plasma yet? It is the hot new thing in medicine. It is used in orthopedics to heal joints, in the face to rejuvenate the skin, and now in the vagina to help improve bladder control and orgasm. It is a very exciting breakthrough and I have figured out how to inject it pain-free.

If you have problems with mild bladder leakage and/or weak orgasms, then platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can help you!

Platelet-rich plasma is derived from your own blood. When you first come in for the procedure, we will draw out your own blood. (This is the most painful part of the procedure.) Your own blood is then processed in a centrifuge to be able to concentrate and extract the plasma from the top. This plasma is yellow and it is filled with not only platelets, but also with growth factors which promote healing and rejuvenation. This is really good stuff!

Meanwhile, your vaginal area is being numbed with a cream for about 20 minutes. After that I use my special technique to inject the platelet-rich plasma painlessly. Patients are amazed, especially patients that have had the injection elsewhere and did NOT have a good experience.

Afterwards, there is minor bleeding and minimal pain. You may have a mild vaginal discharge for a couple of days, but the recovery is very easy and you can get right back to regular activities.

Over the next few weeks, the growth factors will be in there building new collagen, new blood vessels and new nerves that help you control your bladder better and improve your orgasms! God created sex and designed it be enjoyable between a wife and her husband. Yet many women struggle with weak or no orgasm. Do not feel ashamed to ask for help in this area. It will help you enjoy your husband and your life even more.

Call 281-717-4003 for an appointment.

All the best to you and many blessings,
Dr. Christi

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

I am thrilled with the growth of vaginal rejuvenation treatments in my field. More and more women are starting to have the conversation with their doctors about their feminine health, and the range of non-surgical procedures to improve women’s vaginal health is expanding.

However, the language commonly used around the revolutionary treatments such as ThermiVa and MonaLisa Touch can be vague. What does the term feminine or vaginal rejuvenation mean and how does a woman know if the treatments can fix her uncomfortable symptoms?

Vaginal or feminine rejuvenation is the enhancing of the vagina’s function and cosmetic appearance.

The desire for better sex, a more youthful appearance, and convenience are the main reasons women are choosing non-surgical procedures for rejuvenation. Additional reasons include:

• Perimenopausal and menopausal women experiencing dryness, leaky bladder, or laxity
• Women suffering from dryness due to bioidentical hormones
• Women experiencing dryness from breast cancer treatments
• Women who have discomfort wearing yoga pants, a bathing suit, or riding a bike
• Women that have difficulty achieving orgasm
• Mothers that have vaginal laxity, leaky bladder, prolapse, or decreased sensitivity due to vaginal births

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with a few other notes about vaginal rejuvenation that I think are helpful to be aware of. First, the results can last up to one year and can vary from person to person. Secondly, the procedures are not typically covered by insurance.

If you are interested in vaginal rejuvenation, my team and I are available to help you determine which non-surgical treatment option is best for you. Email us today at!

-Dr. P