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How to Stay Young

I recently read an excellent book that really resonated with me called The Longevity Diet by Valter Longo, PhD.     This diet is meant to not only help you lose weight but to extend your life and make it a healthy, vibrant life.   It is not another diet trend , but it is sustainable for the long-term.   Dr. Longo has done extensive research starting with small organisms and continuing the research through to human studies.  He has support at several levels of research that show that this is the way to eat and to extend your healthy life!

About 9 years ago, I felt extremely tired and unwell.   After I advised my patient that her recurrent bladder infections would never be under control until she got her diabetes under control, she took it to heart and changed her lifestyle.  She told me she read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell which is the most comprehensive nutrition study ever done and outlines why a vegan diet is the very best diet.   I read the book, was convinced by the research, tried out the vegan diet and found health through diet!  Thus began my interest in studying nutrition for health.

Of course we all want to feel healthy and maintain our health into old age.   Dr. Longo’s life work is to figure out the keys to stay healthy and live long.  The answer is nutrition which generates self-healing stem cells which then will regenerate and rejuvenate the body.   He has chapters on how this diet helps patients with cancer, diabetes, dementia, heart disease and inflammatory diseases.   You will not find another diet that has such great research and is sustainable for the long haul.  I do NOT recommend the ketogenic diet.  It is terrible for heart disease and not sustainable.   Also it causes kidney stones.

How to Stay Young by Dr. Longo:

  1. Eat a mostly vegan with some fish.   (I personally prefer not to eat fish, but get my protein from plants.)
  2. Consume low but sufficient protein.
  3. Minimize bad fats and sugars, and maximize good fats and complex carbs.
  4. Be nourished with healthy foods and, multivitamin and fish oil.
  5. Eat twice a day plus a snack, unless you are already at goal size.
  6. Time-restricted eating to 12 or less hours per day, for example from 8 AM to 8 PM only.
  7. Periodic prolonged fasting-mimicking diet.  Dr. Longo created a kit for this called Prolon which I can order for you.
  8. Aim for a waist circumference of 29.5 inches for women
  9. Exercise: walk fast one hour per day, Do weight training 2-3 times per week.

I highly recommend this book to you!   I have started recommending it to my patients who have recurrent urinary tract infections and chronic interstitial cystitis as a means to decrease inflammation.

To your health!

Dr. Christi


There’s blood in my urine?

It’s a scary thing to find. When a patient sees blood their urine (hematuria), there are often many unknowns that race through their mind. I always stress that patients need to seek medical attention the first time they see it. Don’t even ignore a small amount. Call our office immediately, and make an appointment.

During the appointment, we will look at the entire urinary tract, first with imaging of the kidneys by a CT scan or a renal ultrasound and follow that with a KUB. Then, we will do a scope of the bladder, called a cystoscopy. It is a quick procedure with numbing medicine. While it sounds intimidating, patients are often surprised at how easy it is. The discomfort is similar to a Pap smear.

The most common cause of hematuria is a UTI. The infection can irritate the bladder wall to the point that it often bleeds. Other things we look for are a kidney stone, kidney tumor or bladder cancer.

While it is uncommon, occasionally we find a bladder or kidney tumor as the source of bleeding. Obviously, the sooner that a tumor is found and treated, the better. Tumors in the kidney and bladder will need to be removed surgically. Fortunately, we have great, minimally invasive options to remove these tumors without a large incision.

Often we will see patients for microscopic blood in the urine detected by their primary care doctor. While not as serious, it still requires a complete panel of testing.

Your treatment options will depend on what the testing shows. A UTI will be treated with antibiotics, water and other measures of prevention. If we find a kidney stone, then the treatment could be a number of various options to eliminate the stone, including laser and shock wave therapy, which are both minimally invasive options.

Whatever the cause, it is of the utmost importance to call our office at the first sign of blood in your urine. Our caring staff is here to help you.

– Dr. P