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Who Will Benefit From EMsella?
If you have mild-to-moderate leakage (incontinence) with coughing, sneezing, or exercising, or with the strong “gotta-go” urge feeling, a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical option is available for you. Emsella is an incredible new non-surgical treatment for your bladder and pelvic floor that will help you solve these problems. The EMSella chair is an FDA-approved treatment for overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.

What Is EMSella?
It is a brand new treatment for incontinence and it does not require any invasion into your body in any way. The EMSella chair is a game-changing treatment. It is very exciting to have this new technology for patients. You remain fully clothed with the 28-minute EMSella treatment. EMSella uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to stimulate all the deep muscles of the pelvic floor. This contracts the muscles and restores neuromuscular control to the pelvic floor. After childbirth and menopause, these muscles weaken often to the point where they are very difficult to isolate and to even feel where they are. With the EMSella this process is jump-started. The muscles contract in response to the electromagnetic stimulation. A single treatment provides over 10,000 Kegel’s contractions in less than 30 minutes.

How Many EMSella Treatments Are Needed?
The typical course of treatment is only 6 sessions, 2 per week for 3 weeks. Within that short period of time most patients will notice a significant, remarkable improvement. The muscles are strengthened and the control of the bladder is restored. This is truly ground-breaking.

Does EMSella Treat Stress Urinary Incontinence?
The typical treatment for stress urinary incontinence which is defined as leakage when you cough, sneeze or exercise is usually surgical, with a tape or other invasive surgery. These surgeries are very effective and minimally-invasive, but they are still surgery which means anesthesia and an invasive procedure, and they require a few weeks of downtime to allow for proper healing. This is a great option for many people but for many other patients, this would be more than what is needed. If the bladder problem is mild to moderate then a non-invasive approach is definitely more ideal. Pelvic floor muscle training which we offer in our office is an excellent non-surgical approach and the results are very good; however, it does include vaginal and rectal probes and Kegel’s homework to be effective. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an even less invasive option?

Does EMSella Treat Urge Urinary Incontinence?
The other very common bladder problem is overactive bladder which can be wet or dry. The problem is defined as urgency and frequency of urination which can culminate in too many trips to the bathroom or could be such a strong urge that you cannot even make it to the bathroom and end up wetting yourself. Again, pelvic floor muscle training as described above is a great option. Medications are commonly used, but of course medications can have side effects and taking a medication for the rest of your life is not very appealing.

Does EMSella Hurt and Are There Any Side Effects?
I tested the chair for myself to see what it felt like, and I can best describe it as a “strange” feeling. I could feel the contractions like a pulling or tugging on the pelvic floor. The contractions were quite strong, and I was not at a high level. It did not hurt unless it was turned up too high. As the treatments progress week-to-week, the intensity can be increased. I found it to be comfortable and very easy. I could easily carry on a conversation or read during the treatment. There is absolutely no downtime with this; you can resume all your regular activities immediately.

As a urologist and female pelvic health specialist, being able to offer this to my patients brings a full compliment of treatment options to my patients. I know the EMSella chair is a great asset to my practice and will help many patients. In addition, I am equipped to combine the power of the EMSella with Thermiva or the MonaLisa Touch to restore the vaginal walls and surrounding tissues to give them more bloodflow, collagen and elastin. These treatments have also been shown to improve bladder function. In addition, I offer an intensive pelvic floor muscle training plan which can be combined with EMSella to provide one-on-one Kegel’s coaching to continue the pelvic floor strength after the EMSella treatments are complete. All three treatments can even be combined together provide a powerful, non-surgical, non-chemical option for patients.

EMSella is a great non-surgical incontinence treatment option to consider for women of all ages who desire to improve their bladder control and quality of life.

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